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"The Gods' Grove" (Swedish: Gudahagen) in Näsum,  north-east of Kristianstad, is believed to be a ritual /burial place from the Viking age.




A professional treasure hunter's experience of the Psi Track


Bill Haynie is a treasure hunter living in USA. In 2006 he told me he had been inspired by our paper to invent an electronic device, the Psi Tracker. We had some e-mail exchanges. I then lost contact with Bill, and did not find him again until 2010. Here are, with his permission, quotes from his recent e-mails, with remarks by me in ( ):


" If I may, let me preface by writing that I am a professional treasure hunter first, and a practicing dowser second. However, that stated, I have used many forms of dowsing to obtain information. In 1988, I was tested by Stanford Research Int’l for my map dowsing abilities. I was told that I was the best ever tested.

Today, it is almost impossible to make a living from prospecting for minerals here. The "old timers" were very good, and got most of the recoverable precious metals long ago. I am retired now, and treasure hunt / dive full time.

After reading your experiments in Dowsing Along The Psi Track, my partner and I started trying to find ore bodies using that method. We were successful in blind tests, but not so in actual field prospecting.

I had tried to use the dowsing phenomena to find unknown lost, buried or sunken treasures as well. This also proved to be unsuccessful. However, all of our tests that we conducted using blind and double blind tests were successful. That is to say, if a living person knows where the target is, we will find it. (This is something that needs to be addressed by science!)

Why this happens is a complete mystery to me, and I have studied many cases of psychic attempts to locate unknown treasures. Even the great Edgar Cayce attempted to locate several lost, or buried treasures. He failed every time.

While I was in a meditative state of altered consciousness, the electronic Psi Tracker was born. The method of using electronics to obtain signals from the sub-conscious came to me, and my partner was able to put that information into an instrument.

We used the same search methods that your experiments provided in Dowsing Along The Psi Track. All of our blind tests were hugely successful, and in 2007 we even found an ancient Sinaqua Indian village that no one knew about.  Again, however; we could not locate any lost unknown buried targets.

(I asked how he could find the Indian village if really "no one knew about" it?)

… I wondered if you would see a contradiction. Now let us say that no one to our knowledge knows about that village, but maybe cowboys moving cattle through that area saw pottery shards and arrow heads and such. Then it is not known to us, but is known to the universe. Now that said, we did know that there were artifacts in the area by map dowsing, but the Psi Tracker gave us multiple lines that when followed out revealed several individual "pit houses". This was completely unexpected.

(I mentioned the "morphic resonance fields" by Rupert Sheldrake.)

I don't know if Sheldrake’s "morphic fields" is a good analogy. Fields certainly do play a large part in the phenomena, but I think more along the lines of magnetic fields. For example, picture the sender of the target thinking about the target, not about where the target is located. What I believe is happening is that a thought has been sent to the target, which is electrical energy created by the brain. We know that magnetic fields surround electrical currents no matter how small. The Psi Tracker is picking up the magnetic field of the thought/electrical current.

(Jeffrey Keen is a researcher and prolific author on dowsing. See http://www.jeffreykeen.co.uk
He has a concept of "Information Field".)

The Information Field (IF) surely exists, and our consciousness at all levels detects it. The sub-conscious, super-conscious, and the Supra-conscious (The Creator) all interact with the IF when a deliberate attempt is made. There have been many, many times when unsuccessfully searching for a target, someone will comment, "I thought it was right there". Thereby, they actually are putting a physical object (the thought / electrical signal) at a certain location. This is why so many things show false targets to dowsers.

Keep in mind my burning quest to know why we can't locate unknown lost, buried, or sunken treasures. 
Keep the questions coming!

In a later email Bill added this information:
"I forgot to mention three observations that we made using the Psi Tracker in tests:

1. We could not receive any signal when targets were placed in plastic containers of any kind.

2. In times of high solar activity, we could not receive any signals. 

3. This is important for future study. We were able to measure the psi track line every time that we received a signal.
It was about 2 meters wide by 1 to 1½ meters high. It remained on the ground for quite some time."

Two articles by Bill follow: Psi Tracker and Dowsing Research.

Bill can be contacted at psi_tracker@yahoo.com.

A report on a new electronic device by Bill is at http://forum.treasurenet.com/index.php/topic,280422.0.html